Activate your body™s own healing powers with magnetic field therapy

Experience this alternative and complementary therapy based on the concept of electro-magnetic energy. Use magnetic field therapy to restore and maintain good health at every age.

Our patented, magnetic field therapy system is based on over 20 years of research in Europe. Numerous studies and testimonials document valuable health benefits resulting from magnetic field therapy:

The therapeutic and healing effects of magnetic fields have been known for hundreds of years. More recently, magnetic field therapy has received considerable attention in the area of complementary medicine. The fundamental importance of magnetic forces on living systems is becoming more and more apparent. For example, the importance of the magnetic field of the earth on life has been clearly demonstrated in manned space travel. Life seems possible without gravitation, but not without the magnetic field of the earth.

The BEMER 3000 magnetic field therapy system is based on the natural laws of life. A patented, pulsed electromagnetic wave pattern activates the metabolism and improves energy levels. The function of each individual cell in the body is optimized. If the cell is healthy, the body is healthy, since the cell is the fundamental structural unit of all living organisms. The energy-regulating and health-giving effects of magnetic field therapy are based on dilation of blood vessels, improvement of circulation, increase of oxygen saturation, and improvement of the blood’s flow properties.

Are you skeptical? You don’t believe in scientific exploration, clinical tests, experiences of numerous physicians, therapists and delighted users? Then why not try it for yourself - your personal experience will certainly convince you! Visit our "order now" page for an introductory trial offer today!

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