What types of conditions can BEMER therapy be used for?

Many health conditions and illnesses can be traced back to damaged and malfunctioning cell structures, and thus to a considerable impairment of metabolic and energy maintenance processes. The development of the BEMER therapy system is precisely adjusted to this level and, therefore, covers a wide spectrum of beneficial applications. This is true especially for general regeneration processes, arthritis, respiratory conditions, MS and chronic fatigue syndrome, heart and circulatory diseases, compromised immune system, chronic headaches, migraines, healing of fractures and wounds, rheumatic diseases, diabetes, sport injuries, stress related symptoms, psycho-somatic disorders, sleep disorders, and metabolic disorders. (For more detailed results, request a free copy of the Euro-study).

What are the positive effects of BEMER therapy?

The health promoting effects refer particularly to:

  • dilation of arteries
  • improved blood circulation, particularly micro-circulation
  • increased oxygen saturation and oxygen partial pressure of the blood
  • improved viscosity of the blood
  • separation of ions and the resulting beneficial stimulation of the metabolism and activation of enzyme reaction.

These measurable effects generally lead to a normalization of cell membrane potentials, and improvement of metabolic processes, including an upgraded cell energy supply. This in turn will lead to an increase in general well-being and activation of self-healing mechanisms. Supported by a possibly increased protein synthesis, the BEMER application thus may render an enhanced detoxification of the body and activation of the immune system.

How much time does the therapy take and for how long should it be performed?

By means of the control box, the therapy starts, runs and ends automatically. Recommended application of the basic program is twice a day for eight minutes each. It is performed by just lying on the mat. In addition, there is an intensive applicator with four programs for up to 20 minutes, which is used for specific areas if needed (pain, injuries, etc.). Depending on the condition treated, effects may be more or less immediate (pain), or more long-term therapy may be required (chronic illnesses). User studies have shown an average time of four to six weeks for significant improvement.

Are there any contra-indications?

There are no contra-indications known even with regard to metal or electronic implants due to the low field intensities (the intensity of the BEMER magnetic field is less than that of the earth). Special medical care is suggested for persons with heart rhythm disorders, active implants, serious and acute psychic disorders and high temperatures.

There may be some interrelated contra-indications for persons with fresh transplants or large aneurisms.

BEMER therapy should never be considered a substitute for treatment or advice from your physician.

Are there any side effects?

By using the applied field forms and extremely low intensities, the BEMER therapy has no known side effects. In rare cases, an over reaction of the body’s regulatory system can occur at the beginning of therapy. This can, for example, be felt as an increase in pain, which means that individual adaptation to the program needs to be undertaken. Each person should find his or her own optimum level of therapy.

As a note for completeness, but not BEMER-related:
There are a very small number of reliable reports on so-called electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome, in which over-sensitivity results in considerably limited tolerance to electromagnetic fields.

What can BEMER therapy be combined with?

BEMER therapy can be combined with almost all methods of clinical, biological and alternative medicine. Combinations with homeopathic methods, neural and oxygenic therapies, acupuncture, heat treatment and nearly all types of physiotherapy seem to be the most favored.

How is BEMER therapy different from using static magnets (in shoes, etc.)?

The intensity of a magnetic field decreases with distance. Therefore, static magnets work in a very limited local area and do not achieve the all-over beneficial effects on the body’s mechanisms. Due to the magnetic field being static rather than pulsing, like in the BEMER, the body will eventually develop tolerance and render the application ineffective. The difference in applications can be likened to riding a bicycle versus a Cadillac. Both serve a purpose for different reasons at a different expense.

Why does my doctor not tell me about this type of therapy?

The BEMER system has been registered as a medical device in Europe, but is not recognized or approved in the United States in this manner (similar to vitamins, acupuncture, and other types of complementary medicine). Your physician might thus either not be aware of it or is hesitant to recommend it. More and more doctors, however, are using alternative methods of treatment in addition to traditional approaches, and might be interested in your therapy results.

How difficult is it to travel with the BEMER unit?

The mat and applicator come with a handy carrying bag, the size of a large gym tote. There is absolutely no problem with air travel and taking the unit through the x-ray machine at the airport.

How can I make sure the BEMER therapy is beneficial for me before I buy a unit?

We offer an initial two-month rental period, after which the unit can be purchased or returned in good condition. This amount of time should be sufficient to help determine the effectiveness of therapy. Past records show that 85% of people purchase the BEMER after the two-month trial period.


BEMER therapy should not be considered a substitute for treatment or advice from your physician. Please note that the US Food and Drug Administration does not classify pulsed magnetic field devices as medical devices, and therefore no medical claims can be made.

If you have additional questions, please contact us via e-mail.

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