BEMER 3000

Rental or Purchase Agreement

In order that you may experience BEMERtherapy, we offer three different options.

Please check the option which best fits your needs

Suggested retail for the BEMERtherapy system
(Mat, intensive applicator, control unit, travel bag)
$ 2695.00

I would like to take advantage of the special pricing offer. Please charge my Visa/MC with $2695.00 plus $ 40.00 shipping & handling fee.
I would like to test-rent the BEMERtherapy system for two months. Please charge my Visa/MC with $ 300.00 for the rental, plus $ 40.00 for shipping & handling. After two months I can;

a) purchase the unit and have the difference of $ 2395.00 charged to my Visa/MC or

b) return the unit in good and reusable condition (if the unit is damaged in any way, you may be charged a reconditioning fee of up to $500.00).

Or: Click here to purchase the unit on a monthly payment plan of $ 99.00 for 36 months. Please mail/fax me a credit application.

Shipping Options:


Disclaimer: No medical claims are intended or implied for any products sold. The purchaser accepts full responsibility for the safe and proper use of any device and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the supplier and manufacturer from any consumer claims against the product or it’s ultimate use.

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