Bio-electromagnetic processes in the body

All vital processes, particularly the metabolism of each single cell, are based on electromagnetic energy. The self-regulating mechanisms and self-healing powers only function in an organism sufficiently supplied with energy. In our modern, high-tech civilization, lack of exercise, poor nutrition, and environmental stress lead, however, to an impairment of the metabolism and hence a detrimental balance of energy. The results are a decrease in vitality, and a higher susceptibility to chronic and infectious diseases.

The cell is the fundamental structural unit of all living organisms. The human body consists of approximately 70 to 100 trillion of various specialized cells, which are coordinated in harmonious interplay of cell groups, tissue and organs. In order to be able to fulfill its tasks, the cell needs energy, which it produces itself with the help of the body’s metabolism. For this it needs nutrients and oxygen. The absorption of these substances and the excretion of waste products are controlled by electromagnetic energy. Only an optimum electromagnetic regulation and coordination of all these functions makes life possible in the first place. If there is a lack of energy in the cells, first of all cell functions are impaired. If this state persists, cell damage occurs. Subsequently, the organs and glands are weakened and the organism is thrown out of balance. The body feels exhausted, ages prematurely or becomes ill. Precise doses of a pulsing electromagnetic field, as it is produced by the BEMER, activate the metabolism and improve the energy balance.


The influence of the geo-magnetic field

Living things not only utilize the body’s own electromagnetic fields, they also require external fields in order to keep the metabolism working. For example, the importance of the magnetic field of the earth on life has been clearly demonstrated in manned space travel. Life seems possible without gravitation, but not without the magnetic field of the earth. Astronauts have successfully been treated with electromagnetic fields during their sojourns in space.

Magnetic field therapy rediscovered

Research into the effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields on humans was reinvestigated since the 1960’s, predominantly in the USA, Russia, Japan, Italy, England and Bulgaria. In 1978 the US Food and Drug Administration officially authorized the application of a therapy for bone healing using special forms of electromagnetic fields.

A variation of such a therapy, the so-called Kraus-Lechner Coil Application, developed at the Technical University of Munich, rendered good results not only for the healing of fractures, but also for the treatment of osteoporosis. In some cases, even bone tumors receded when exposed to electromagnetic fields.

The spectrum of use for electromagnetic fields has been expanded over the subsequent years. It is generally accepted that the regulatory and regenerating processes of the whole organism can be stimulated and influenced by various methods. Researchers proposed that circulation of blood, oxygen partial pressure, oxygen saturation and oxygen utilization may be enhanced by special kinds of electromagnetic fields.

BEMER therapy – the latest in state of the art scientific research

In his extensive systematic studies on the biological-therapeutic effects of electromagnetic fields, Dr. Wolf A. Kafka has proven that the effects of such therapies are not merely based on pulse intensity, frequency and duration, but especially on the shapes of the pulse. With a succession of specially formulated impulses (frequency of the base pulse approx. 30/sec) an electromagnetic stimulus signal was developed, which distinguished itself from conventional (e.g. rectangular or exponential shaped) signals by a wide frequency spectrum. Above all, this newly developed impulse form rendered a convincing improvement in the circulation of the blood and oxygen supply, both being important criteria for enhancing metabolic processes. The underlying mathematical algorithm, the "BEMER-formula", is meanwhile protected by patent regulations.

The complex physiological reactions of the body to the BEMER signal are, among others, most probably based on highly sensitive neuro-vegetative reinforcement processes of the connective tissue. Some of the physiological reactions might be induced by the release of signal molecules like nitrogen monoxide, which, like nitroglycerine, acts as a vasodilator as well as a neurotransmitter.

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