When I was 21, I began suffering from painful, chronic poly-arthritis. Soon, almost all my joints were affected, and I was only able to control the pain with potent prescription painkillers. At times, I could only walk on crutches and the use of a wheelchair seemed imminent. At 26, I began to psychologically and mentally deal with my situation through seminars and individual counseling – a process, which ultimately enabled me over the last ten years to completely stop all medications.

The additional use of magnetic field therapy brought further improvement, which caused me three years ago, at the age of 44, to set myself a goal of completing a marathon and to begin training. The first day of training I walked 100 steps in place, the second day 300 steps, the third day 500 steps, and the fourth day the first small excursion to a park. The use of magnetic field therapy allowed me to gain an unexpected increase in performance, and after only two months and three weeks I participated in a half-marathon in Krems (21 km in 2hrs and 25 minutes, finishing 454 out of almost 900 participants).

My joints are continuing to improve, and so I am tackling my true goal – to walk a complete marathon on September 17, 2000 in Krems/Wachau.


MARTIN LEGNER, Switzerland

Since June 27th, 2000, I use the BEMER mat daily. I am achieving positive results in the form of small improvements. Specifically my muscles, which atrophied after becoming a paraplegic, are getting stronger. The BEMER mat is excellent in supporting the building of muscle.

The main reason, however, why the Bemer-mat accompanies me all year round to the wheelchair tennis tournaments, is the fact that I am experiencing much less nerve pain in my legs since I started using the Bemer, and therefore am more able to enjoy life. Less nerve pain for me means also a good night’s sleep.

Consequently, I feel much more rested in the morning, and can tackle the day’s challenges with vigor.



I believe the BEMER has been one of the greatest assets in my road to recovery from cancer. Research has shown cancer can’t live in an oxygenated, alkaline environment. The BEMER is providing the oxygen and my diet is providing the alkaline environment.



Amazing! That is what I think of magnetic field therapy! I had a complete hysterectomy. The therapy was very helpful for controlling my pain as well as to shorten the healing process about 50%. I had also been having trouble sleeping through the night before – and now I sleep the whole night through.


EDWIN SKOR, Minnesota

For years I have had lower back pain, which caused me great discomfort. Since using the BEMER mat and intensive applicator twice a day, my back pain is completely gone. I also use it before bed to help me get a good night’s sleep.



I am so very thankful for my BEMER therapy mat! After three months of use I have had some great physical results for some of my health problems. My doctor is very impressed as well. After using the mat for 6 weeks, I went in for my regular checkup. When the results came back, my doctor and I were both surprised. Rheumatoid arthritis, which had been present in previous tests, was no longer present. In addition, all blood values were within normal range. I feel especially pleased because I had a heart attack in the past and was unable to use prescription medicine to keep my cholesterol level down.

The BEMER 3000 has greatly improved my health!



Thank you so much for introducing me to the BEMER 3000! For the last 20 years my ankles were always swollen by the end of the day. After only a few weeks on the BEMER, I no longer experience this. It’s unbelievable to see such a change after all these years. In addition, whenever my husband gets a sore back, he puts the intensive applicator on it, and – bingo – the pain is gone!

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